Pump It Up

The other day in my Globalization class, we had a guest speaker talk to us students about his Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle. We learned all about the parts and aspects of the vehicle, along with it’s many benefits, and we even got to take a ride in the car!

Our generation has a continuous growth in business and products being produced, and consumed. As the world moves towards a “greener” way of life, the products that business’s are producing, are more related to the “green way”. An example of this distribution is the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle.

How does a fuel cell work?

-A fuel cell generates electricity through an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

What are the qualities of the vehicle?

-It is electrically powered by GM’s fourth-generation fuel cell system -The electric motor traction system causes the vehicle to have smooth acceleration and a quiet performance -Fully freeze durable -Contains a battery pack -Has a hydrogen storage system -Engine is half the size.

The fuel cells are twice as efficient as gasoline engines; they can travel twice as far on the same amount of energy. The car only emits water vapor, providing a cleaner environment from the lack of gas in our air. This car is not a hybrid, but it does perform better than most cars overall. Fuel Cell cars are seen as a viable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles because of the benefits and qualities it contains. They even have hydrogen-fueling stations now!

This growing industry will continue to convert products into better and safer objects for our environment and community. This is just another step in the process of transforming our society to a greener and happier place. I believe with the efficiency rates and quality of these Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, they will be supported and successful in the future of business.

My advice– Going Green will ultimately help sustain our environment, and benefit our business’s productions. If you think these cars are an efficient product, then why not jump on the train of saving our environment, and buy a hydrogen car.


How to Start a Business

Some people take the route of working for others, but the others, take the route of paving their own path. Starting your own business can either be successful, or a downfall, but with the right mind set and information a business can be made by one person. Every business has to start from somewhere doesn’t it?

 First, I suggest laying down a foundation. There are many steps to go through before beginning the actual process and upbringing of the business. A foundation is the business plan. This plan includes missions, goals, and how these goals will be achieved. This is the first step because before applying for loans or help from others, they are going to want to know what the essential plan is, even if it is a bit basic, the general idea gives the people lending a hand a better look at it. Ultimately it’s for credibility purposes.

Next, take a look at the competition. If there are multiple businesses that are easily relatable and comparable, the successfullness of this new business may not be as great. Competition in today’s society is a major factor. Knowing where the competitors are located, who they are, and what there success rates are will help determine where you should locate your own business, and the people you want to be surrounded by. Location determines all success.

Get help. There is no shame in asking others for help and assistance. Receiving all of the tools necessary to create a successful business is very helpful. You will need and want financial guidance throughout your business to stay on track and up to date. Finding the right banks to ask for loans, or even just programs to help you grow your new business are tools you should grasp if available, or find if not.

IMPORTANT STEP: Register, licenses, and permits. You must register your business and your business’s name under your legal name if you are the owner through the government. Business licenses and permits are also required. There are licensing rules for every state, depending on where your business is located. It’s important to know which permits you need even if it is just basic. There are potential fines or issues that could occur if your business does not have the right ones.

 After finding a location, a name, researching,signing up for tax qualifications,and registering for permits and such, you must find employees. Employees are crucial in a business. Without the help of others, a business structure and setup can not be fully executed. Find the requirements for the employees you would like to run your business, and write out job descriptions, as well as interview various people.

 The steps are complete! Starting a new business may seem difficult and complicating because of all the steps and inside tracks needed to make it successful, but the outcome of your business if done correctly, can and will be superb.

The Party on Facebook

     Almost everyone I know or that I am close with has a Facebook. They use this site to stay closely linked with others and friends who are distant or just ones the want to keep in touch with. After reading the article Facebook a ‘Cocktail Party’ for Small Business, my whole perspective of this Internet site was changed.

     This article explained how people these days are now using Facebook to market and run their business’s. This idea seemed strange to me at first because of the fact that the site was not originally created for running a business, but then I realized that isn’t that what we do with everything we deal with? We change the product and shift it into what is the best use for us.

     Krista Guenin states that it is the, “best tool” and uses her friends on Facebook for her clients, which lead to her marketing and advertising her products in a cheaper and faster way. I see this as efficient business. If a person can take advantage of something right in front of them, then why not do it and create success for ones-self.

     The personal aspect of this idea of using Facebook to run your business,  is one that overall leads to the success of your business because of the connection and fast paced qualities of Facebook. Although there is not a face to face connection with a person, it is not a huge issue because people these days are shifting to virtual mode. The article ran a poll stating that 93% of people chose the marketing method of online website.

     Our society is increasingly changing and depending more on the Internet and technology. This article, sharing the idea that Facebook has promotional qualities, is an idea that I believe will continue to grow. Using resources and whatever is available to the people to run and produce a business is a key component to success. The people marketing their business’s online through the use of Facebook are right on track.


Let Us Lend a Hand

Have any of you ever seen the GEICO auto insurance commercials? Now if you have, you were probably extremely engaged in the commercial because of its comic value and uniqueness. Advertising has always been a key component of business. In order to create a successful business, or try to attract people to what you are taking part in, the advertisement is what ultimately sells the idea.

If I were to choose a company that produces one of the most efficient techniques of advertising, I would choose the GEICO commercials. All of their commercials are memorable. They are basically known for them. When running a business, the attraction and popularity can fluctuate due to the way the company is presented. Their success rate has been high because of the costumers replying with positive responses.

Promotion and advertising are linked to marketing, and marketing helps the business grow to be bigger and better. Public enthusiasm is necessary in each product or idea that the company produces, without it, there will be no interest from the people in what the business is trying to have success with. Advertising helps the business prosper.

My Advice- Share your products and ideas in effective and different ways to receive a successful response from people engaged in your business. Don’t stray from the idea of being unique because in the end, standing out from the crowd will cause you to excel.

This commercial is by far my favorite of them. Although it may not entirely relate to the subject matter of auto insurance, the difference is the uniqueness presented and the lasting effect after watching the advertisement. It’s  a memorable commercial, and GEICO has efficiently presented this advertisement, resulting in the success of people reacting positively.

Space Canon- A Life in Science Fiction

“It’s impossible to judge a copy, for we may be copies ourselves.” Claire L. Evans presents the novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? as a story about the failures of humans and determining what is real or fake in life. She made a point of the difficulty to distinguish the movie Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and how it creates the same idea of distinguishing between humans and android.  The idea that androids, “fake people”, have the same value as “real people” is one that depicts apart our society in this novel.  Claire believes that perception is what defines everything, such that because our understanding of a person is altered, we are then left with nothing to judge upon.

Claire L. Evans review of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, contains an audience of science fiction readers who relate to her readings through other novels or movies in the same genre. Her audience is clearly based off of science fiction fans who have the desire to keep up to date on the science culture and ideas. Her review of this novel is one that the audience is given questions to ponder on.  She creates depth and more meaning with the main question of what really is the difference and how can we know what that difference is if we cannot define between the two subjects?



The Business Pundit

While searching through blog sites that connected into my discourse community, I came across The Business Pundit. The author of this site fulfills the audience with information related to business and their well being, along with a connection to the person she is. What I liked when I first glanced at this site is the title. At first I didn’t even know what pundit meant…

PUNDIT: A learned person, expert, or authority.

I thought that this is a great way to present a blog. The author, Drea Knufken is a scholar who worked her way up to the top. She is a professional in the business field, reflecting on her opinions and knowledge through this blog site.

As I explored through this site, I found almost everything imaginable related to business. The success of this site comes from the wide range of articles, posts, ideas, and people all combined to produce an effective blog. The site is set up in a great way. There is easy navigation, advertisements on the side proving she does this for a job, not only personally, and a sidebar of over ten categories that all pertain to the posts within the site.

I really enjoyed the fact that another piece of Drea Knufken’s site is her tips and tricks, along with a main resource link on the home page. “So much of the success or failure of your business rides on the choices you make, but in this world of information overload, making the right choice can be overwhelming.” (Drea Knufken) This site takes things a step further. By providing all of the categories, resources, and various subjects pertaining to business, this blog controls the overwhelming factor and helps people organize their thoughts.

As a part of the audience to The Business Pundit, the sites success in my discourse community has easily exceeded the average website. It adds a great amount of information to the discourse by the helpful factors, amounts of information, and connection with the audience. Based off of my relation to this blog, The Business Pundit will continue to increase in popularity and the success rate will grow because of its effective material.


Unemployment Rates

Our life revolves around having a job. We build up our education to be hired by others and ultimately get paid for what we are doing. No job, equals no money, and no money, equals no support for our family or ourselves.

Our economy is not creating jobs, causing people to have no payment in order to survive in our society. The unemployment has exceeded 10 percent through 2010. At this point, it seems as if there is no recovery from this unemployment. As a whole we are only going to continue to have a higher unemployment rate, as time goes on.


There is not one finger that can be pointed for the reason that unemployment is such a huge issue these days, but if I had to point a finger at something it would be the recession and the bad decisions made by the government. In my head, any issue can be avoided. Now I know that there are many technical pieces and issues that go into business, but the government should be able to control this situation. That’s their job now isn’t it? The increase of job unemployment isn’t due to job losses, but to the lack of job creation. The government is providing a new set of job possibilities for people such as “green jobs” which involve working with the environment, and they believe that will help with this loss. I see us as a society, digging out of our unemployment over time as long as we continue to create more job offers and prevent job losses.

This comic links to unemployment through the fact that so many people are dealing with this situation together. The increasing amount of unemployed people are resulting in a loss of money, like this comic shows, people are signing up for volunteering, where no profit but the benefit of doing good for others is gained.