Unemployment Rates

Our life revolves around having a job. We build up our education to be hired by others and ultimately get paid for what we are doing. No job, equals no money, and no money, equals no support for our family or ourselves.

Our economy is not creating jobs, causing people to have no payment in order to survive in our society. The unemployment has exceeded 10 percent through 2010. At this point, it seems as if there is no recovery from this unemployment. As a whole we are only going to continue to have a higher unemployment rate, as time goes on.


There is not one finger that can be pointed for the reason that unemployment is such a huge issue these days, but if I had to point a finger at something it would be the recession and the bad decisions made by the government. In my head, any issue can be avoided. Now I know that there are many technical pieces and issues that go into business, but the government should be able to control this situation. That’s their job now isn’t it? The increase of job unemployment isn’t due to job losses, but to the lack of job creation. The government is providing a new set of job possibilities for people such as “green jobs” which involve working with the environment, and they believe that will help with this loss. I see us as a society, digging out of our unemployment over time as long as we continue to create more job offers and prevent job losses.

This comic links to unemployment through the fact that so many people are dealing with this situation together. The increasing amount of unemployed people are resulting in a loss of money, like this comic shows, people are signing up for volunteering, where no profit but the benefit of doing good for others is gained.




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