The Business Pundit

While searching through blog sites that connected into my discourse community, I came across The Business Pundit. The author of this site fulfills the audience with information related to business and their well being, along with a connection to the person she is. What I liked when I first glanced at this site is the title. At first I didn’t even know what pundit meant…

PUNDIT: A learned person, expert, or authority.

I thought that this is a great way to present a blog. The author, Drea Knufken is a scholar who worked her way up to the top. She is a professional in the business field, reflecting on her opinions and knowledge through this blog site.

As I explored through this site, I found almost everything imaginable related to business. The success of this site comes from the wide range of articles, posts, ideas, and people all combined to produce an effective blog. The site is set up in a great way. There is easy navigation, advertisements on the side proving she does this for a job, not only personally, and a sidebar of over ten categories that all pertain to the posts within the site.

I really enjoyed the fact that another piece of Drea Knufken’s site is her tips and tricks, along with a main resource link on the home page. “So much of the success or failure of your business rides on the choices you make, but in this world of information overload, making the right choice can be overwhelming.” (Drea Knufken) This site takes things a step further. By providing all of the categories, resources, and various subjects pertaining to business, this blog controls the overwhelming factor and helps people organize their thoughts.

As a part of the audience to The Business Pundit, the sites success in my discourse community has easily exceeded the average website. It adds a great amount of information to the discourse by the helpful factors, amounts of information, and connection with the audience. Based off of my relation to this blog, The Business Pundit will continue to increase in popularity and the success rate will grow because of its effective material.


One response to “The Business Pundit

  1. Wow, thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate your positive feedback about Business Pundit. I’m glad that I can provide content that is interesting and useful. Thanks for reading, and keep up the great blogging work yourself!

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