Let Us Lend a Hand

Have any of you ever seen the GEICO auto insurance commercials? Now if you have, you were probably extremely engaged in the commercial because of its comic value and uniqueness. Advertising has always been a key component of business. In order to create a successful business, or try to attract people to what you are taking part in, the advertisement is what ultimately sells the idea.

If I were to choose a company that produces one of the most efficient techniques of advertising, I would choose the GEICO commercials. All of their commercials are memorable. They are basically known for them. When running a business, the attraction and popularity can fluctuate due to the way the company is presented. Their success rate has been high because of the costumers replying with positive responses.

Promotion and advertising are linked to marketing, and marketing helps the business grow to be bigger and better. Public enthusiasm is necessary in each product or idea that the company produces, without it, there will be no interest from the people in what the business is trying to have success with. Advertising helps the business prosper.

My Advice- Share your products and ideas in effective and different ways to receive a successful response from people engaged in your business. Don’t stray from the idea of being unique because in the end, standing out from the crowd will cause you to excel.

This commercial is by far my favorite of them. Although it may not entirely relate to the subject matter of auto insurance, the difference is the uniqueness presented and the lasting effect after watching the advertisement. It’s  a memorable commercial, and GEICO has efficiently presented this advertisement, resulting in the success of people reacting positively.


One response to “Let Us Lend a Hand

  1. I totally agree with you. Those commercials are always ones that I remember after I see them. Good advertising is such key to good business definitely. Attaching the commercial with the article was not only a good idea but it made me laugh. Good article

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