The Party on Facebook

     Almost everyone I know or that I am close with has a Facebook. They use this site to stay closely linked with others and friends who are distant or just ones the want to keep in touch with. After reading the article Facebook a ‘Cocktail Party’ for Small Business, my whole perspective of this Internet site was changed.

     This article explained how people these days are now using Facebook to market and run their business’s. This idea seemed strange to me at first because of the fact that the site was not originally created for running a business, but then I realized that isn’t that what we do with everything we deal with? We change the product and shift it into what is the best use for us.

     Krista Guenin states that it is the, “best tool” and uses her friends on Facebook for her clients, which lead to her marketing and advertising her products in a cheaper and faster way. I see this as efficient business. If a person can take advantage of something right in front of them, then why not do it and create success for ones-self.

     The personal aspect of this idea of using Facebook to run your business,  is one that overall leads to the success of your business because of the connection and fast paced qualities of Facebook. Although there is not a face to face connection with a person, it is not a huge issue because people these days are shifting to virtual mode. The article ran a poll stating that 93% of people chose the marketing method of online website.

     Our society is increasingly changing and depending more on the Internet and technology. This article, sharing the idea that Facebook has promotional qualities, is an idea that I believe will continue to grow. Using resources and whatever is available to the people to run and produce a business is a key component to success. The people marketing their business’s online through the use of Facebook are right on track.


2 responses to “The Party on Facebook

  1. Yeah it is crazy how easy it is to advertise on Facebook. Any business can create a page and begin advertising. It really is astonishing the revolution that is happening in the marketing world when it comes to the internet. It makes me question the future for traditional advertising: billboards, print, commercials, etc.

  2. I never thought of using Facebook as a tool for marketing, only networking. But I have to admit that it is a great idea! It gives the company a face, makes it more personal and more accessible. I’m sure that many beginning business could use Facebook as a great way to get their business of the ground. And Facebook knows no limits. Their advertising can reach the wants and needs of consumers worldwide. This is great!

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