Monthly Archives: December 2010

Pump It Up

The other day in my Globalization class, we had a guest speaker talk to us students about his Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle. We learned all about the parts and aspects of the vehicle, along with it’s many benefits, and we even got to take a ride in the car!

Our generation has a continuous growth in business and products being produced, and consumed. As the world moves towards a “greener” way of life, the products that business’s are producing, are more related to the “green way”. An example of this distribution is the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle.

How does a fuel cell work?

-A fuel cell generates electricity through an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

What are the qualities of the vehicle?

-It is electrically powered by GM’s fourth-generation fuel cell system -The electric motor traction system causes the vehicle to have smooth acceleration and a quiet performance -Fully freeze durable -Contains a battery pack -Has a hydrogen storage system -Engine is half the size.

The fuel cells are twice as efficient as gasoline engines; they can travel twice as far on the same amount of energy. The car only emits water vapor, providing a cleaner environment from the lack of gas in our air. This car is not a hybrid, but it does perform better than most cars overall. Fuel Cell cars are seen as a viable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles because of the benefits and qualities it contains. They even have hydrogen-fueling stations now!

This growing industry will continue to convert products into better and safer objects for our environment and community. This is just another step in the process of transforming our society to a greener and happier place. I believe with the efficiency rates and quality of these Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, they will be supported and successful in the future of business.

My advice– Going Green will ultimately help sustain our environment, and benefit our business’s productions. If you think these cars are an efficient product, then why not jump on the train of saving our environment, and buy a hydrogen car.