About Me

As a child, I never took no for an answer. Everyday I had a new plan of attack to get what I wanted, and I was sure to get it. Obviously that sounds awful, and makes me seem like a snotty, spoiled child, but it really has always been about determination. Being an athlete has taken me further since my childhood persuasive ways. I have been shaped into the kind of person who steps up to the plate and battles through each task at hand.
Because of that little girl inside of me never taking no for an answer, I am going into business. I want to make my way to the top. I want to share my own ideas and thoughts. I want to manage people and demonstrate authority. I’m coming on strongly here, but on this site is the beginning of my business career, along with the journalist that lingers inside of me. I will link business and management with social, educational, and personal thoughts. This is about business, writing, and me.


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