Win-Win Situation?

California is in an obvious budget crisis, and according to proposition 19, marijuana is the key success to smoking their way out of the downfall. According to this proposition, California will be taxing people, ages 21 and over, who are involved with purchasing marijuana. Just like any other law there will be restrictions and guidelines that everyone must follow, along with the consequences if rules are to be broken.

Now, what I really don’t understand is how this is a win-win situation. I am aware of the many reasons people smoke marijuana, and I understand the street drug deals that occur, and how millions of people use this drug illegally, so why not make money off of it? This to me is saying that as a country, we want to make profit off of people putting poison directly into their lungs. What kind of a business is that? People already thrive off of alcohol and are successful in those business, but even that is just as bad. How can there be more upsides to the legalization of marijuana than downsides?

I see California’s objective in trying to raise more money and overall help their state in need. But, I believe that there are other ways to do so. This shouldn’t be how business’s plan to succeed. We shouldn’t be promoting drugs when in need of money. All I see is a continuous track. What happens after one drug is legalized, how long until the others are?

My advice- When attempting to end a crisis, be careful not to begin something bigger than what is trying to be fixed because then nobody will end up winning.


Thoughts of a Frustrated Customer

I’ve come to realize that everyday I am dealing with business. Living far from home, lately I’ve been dealing with plane tickets and flights. It seems like a simple task, but really it can be pretty complex. I’ll look at a flight booked for one week; the price will be $100, the next week, $150, and I wonder why…

Revenue management: consumer demand to optimize inventory and price to maximize revenue growth. The idea is to sell the resources to the customers at the right time and the right price. This issue of price inflation relating to time differences and customers can be seen to actually be beneficial for businesses. Helping customers understand the business, the business understanding the customers, and how much the customers are willing to pay. The marketing piece and strategies linked with revenue management will ultimately determine the outcome of a business’s profit.  I agree that it could help a business rise ahead of others and it could be effective, but honestly it is the same exact flight, same time, and same people flying on it. So why should any price change? Perhaps I am just biased on the idea of revenue management because I have dealt with it head on while attempting to book plane flights, but I think anyone other than that business would agree there is a bit of unfairness in the whole idea of it.


My advice: Book your flights a month ahead of the date you plan on actually flying, because the prices will continue to rise, and the airlines will receive their profit…whether we agree with it or not.


Applications Taking Over

Google Apps are taking over the business industries. Through the use of Google Apps Marketplace, customers and users can effectively do everyday business interactions based off the applications, limiting frustrations, complications, and efficiently executing their work.

More and more businesses are straying away from books and manual work, heading us off into the deep use of the Internet. The progression of Applications within the Internet, and downloadable programs to provide an easy way to work, only prove the sufficient increase in technologies these days. Businesses are now currently using these Applications and it only makes me think what’s next?

My advice- This succession in learning will provide techniques to ultimately benefit companies and businesses. We are moving ahead, and that will never stop. Business’s need to keep up with this progress to succeed as their own, and through the use of Internet Applications it is even more possible.

Closing Time

Businesses succeed and fail, they profit or go bankrupt, they survive, or they end. The issue of business thriving in our economy these days is huge. Every person deals with the problem of success. Adults go to work every day for the need of money and support for themselves and their family. Teenagers go to school to learn how to ultimately make money. Children feed off of the product of their parents and others. We all have a problem, and our problem is money.

Why is bankruptcy the end result? More and more stores and businesses are coming to a close. Because of the result in our economy spiraling and the necessities of our everyday life are increasing, money is the issue. It always has been. Recently with our economic crisis, businesses are folding with a lack of consumer spending. It is a non-stop circle of buying, spending, gaining, and losing.

Statistics show that as each year goes by, the number of stores closing increases by the millions. The problem of bankruptcy is that people believe that it will bring them a new start. It is a quick and easy way out of a sudden situation, but the ultimate amount of debt that they must pull out of is excessive.

My advice- Don’t place yourself in the position of closure. Stay ahead in your business’s success, be aware of the harmful economy, realize the negative effects of each choice you make, and protect your money for support of your family.

The beginning

As a child, I never took no for an answer. Everyday I had a new plan of attack to get what I wanted, and I was sure to get it. Obviously that sounds awful, and makes me seem like a snotty, spoiled child, but it really has always been about determination. Being an athlete has taken me further since my childhood persuasive ways. I have been shaped into the kind of person who steps up to the plate and battles through each task at hand.
Because of that little girl inside of me never taking no for an answer, I am going into business. I want to make my way to the top. I want to share my own ideas and thoughts. I want to manage people and demonstrate authority. I’m coming on strongly here, but on this site is the beginning of my business career, along with the journalist that lingers inside of me. I will link business and management with social, educational, and personal thoughts. This is about business, writing, and me.